Park Square Community buildings


Stratus has designed a wide range of commercial and mixed-use projects in urban and suburban areas that engage the surrounding communities and improve the larger urban fabric of which they are a part. Our commercial experience includes corporate workplace, retail, hospitality, multi-family residential, and mixed-use developments, often involving complex programs and multi-use sites and spaces that cater to various user groups. Our wide array of facility type expertise is supplemented by our extensive experience implementing appropriate, efficient, and innovative building systems and construction methods. 


Stratus offers corporate clients programming, planning, design, engineering, and construction services for a variety of design types including headquarter facilities, fulfilment centers, satellite offices, office expansions, conference rooms, and workspaces. Our corporate facilities offer employers and employees opportunities for growth, collaboration, and success through state-of-the-art building systems and evidence-based workplace strategies.


We design mixed-use developments to help communities respond to growing market demands for sustainable, accessible, and energized environments. These developments create an enhanced sense of community and encourage pedestrian and bike-friendly travel, among other benefits to residents, workers, and visitors.


We are committed to the future success of the communities in which we work and strive to design projects that celebrate and enhance their surroundings while creating inviting environments for their inhabitants. Our more than 20 million square feet of residential development projects include affordable, market-rate, and luxury housing; communal housing; student housing; assisted and senior living facilities; garden apartments; townhomes; lofts; and low-, mid-, and high-rise buildings and multi-family developments. Our projects contain a variety of uses including a mixture of residential typologies, amenities, recreational components, landscape, parking, public and private components, and retail / commercial uses. Many of the group’s projects involve challenging site planning and design solutions that require collaboration with multiple stakeholders and community members.