Federal Government

aerial shot of liquid storage tanks


Stratus provides full-service engineering expertise in new design, renovation, and expansion projects for Department of Defense (DoD) agencies.  We bring a skilled design team to address the Federal Government’s needs. 


Federal facilities are essential to housing key services for the public. Our team has worked with agencies to provide design services for a variety of building types. Through our experience, we can design office buildings, courthouses, educational facilities, military instillations, and more.


Stratus has designed, inspected, studied, planned, upgraded, and/or repaired literally hundreds of POL facilities in 50 states, both US territories (Guam and Puerto Rico), and 16 foreign countries on six continents. we have extensive experience with each type of POL system used by the Department of Defense. 

Our design experience includes: Air Force Types III and IV aircraft hydrant refueling systems; aboveground storage tanks (API 650), underground storage tanks including the field-erected, cut-and-cover type (NATO STANAG); tank truck offloading systems; aircraft refueler truck loading; tank (rail) car offloading and loading; marine loading and offloading facilities including marine loading arms; truck parking areas; SPCC Plans; API Standard 653 aboveground storage tank inspections; inspections of field-erected, underground, cut-and-cover tanks; facility studies and engineering evaluations; API Standard 570 pipeline inspections; storage depots; operation buildings; and maintenance buildings.


Design of critical infrastructure is integral to the built environment of federal projects. Our team specializes in providing substantial assets such as transportation, water/stormwater/sewer resources, and electric utilities, to name a few. Our team is familiar with federal, state, and local governments to help clients navigate permitting and coordination requirements.