industrial test facility engineering


Stratus designs industrial systems, power plants, refineries, distribution centers, and test facilities for our clients, helping them to improve production capacities and product quality while reducing operational expenses. Time to market is a critical competitive distinction, and our efficient designs and process engineering minimize downtime and keep projects on or ahead of schedule. We bring an experienced team to each project, one that has tackled complex projects and worked in highly integrated environments. 

Consumer Goods 

When bringing a new consumer product line to market, you need the help of an experienced partner. Based on years of work for clients including industry‐leading businesses and food consumer brands, Stratus has mastered the design requirements of the consumer goods industry, saving time to launch for each facility. Our expertise includes design for food + beverage, greenfield facilities, refrigeration, facilities additions, process design sanitation, cold storage, wastewater, bakery, meat processing, prepared food, pet food, stainability, environment systems and facilities. We bring a long-term ownership mindset, concentrating on investment and operating plans that seek to create enduring value and a sustainable and efficient food supply chain. 

We understand the importance of safety, standards, regulation, and sanitation. We continuously improve our focus on safety and sanitation requirements to minimize the intrusive issues of construction and preventing delays in delivering product to customers.


We can expand or retrofit a facility through every stage of development: materials receipt, handling, and storage; ingredient mixing and blending; processing; and more. We help your team source and integrate the right equipment to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness, regulatory compliance, and quality. Stratus accommodates complex processing machinery in an efficient and safe configuration. We consider the client’s needs and the workflow of the facility’s end users to ensure that solids, liquids, gases, and other chemicals are processed in a cost-effective and safe manner. 

Our team can bring your desired packaging lines together, providing safe, effective, and flexible solutions for existing and future products. Our designs create an unparalleled commitment to introducing the technology that provides optimal production and competitive advantages. We build platforms that leverage our strategic expertise in food production, processing, packaging, palletization, and distribution to source proprietary solutions, working alongside trusted partners and supporting strong management teams.

Oil & Gas 

Stratus provides full-service project development, design, implementation, and consulting services to clients at multiple levels of the dynamic oil & gas market. We maximize our clients’ Return on Investment while listening to community input and minimizing environmental impact.  

Our team has developed new or expanded terminal facilities for more than 17 million barrels of product encompassing almost three million cubic meters. We’ve designed solutions for a wide variety of receipt and distribution channels. And, we’ve created safe and cost-effective solutions for special-needs projects like clean rooms, machine rooms, and other heavy industrial facilities. From generating technical feasibility studies to managing multi-contractor teams to remain on time and on or under budget, we bring a depth of technical knowledge and a clear awareness of business imperatives to every industrial client partnership.