Delta Facility


From roadways to railways to runways and beyond, our transportation experts can help you move people efficiently, cost-effectively, and in a safe and environmentally friendly fashion. We help clients move people on land from city to city; from rail station to subway station; and from home to bike path and back again. 

All our projects require innovative solutions, superior design, awareness of schedule and budget, and extensive public relations work. Our transportation professionals have the expertise and experience to meet the demands of any aviation, logistics, port, roadway, or rail project. 


We run the transportation gamut for a broad range of aviation clients, designing landside facilities, taxiways, runways, terminals, hangars, car rental facilities, air cargo, freight terminals, and more. 

Stratus assesses the individual needs of each project by focusing on the needs of the user. For airside projects, we economize operations and create designs with the flexibility to accommodate a variety of aircraft. Terminal area and landside facilities design is carefully planned to benefit the flying public directly while ensuring that the infrastructure provides maximum support to airside operations. 

Additionally, Stratus’ aviation fueling specialists address a wide spectrum of system needs including hydrant distribution, fuel storage, and fuel distribution systems. We have expertise in engineering components for entire facilities as well as individual systems to optimize operational efficiency. 


Stratus works with logistics clients to provide pre-development, due diligence and consulting, land development engineering, surveying, and construction management services for the transport, storage, distribution, and warehousing of materials and finished goods. Our experts consider aspects of layout including traffic patterns, loading/unloading, and space optimization. Our knowledge of permitting in dense urban environments ensures that warehouse designs fit into allotted space while complying with all pertinent regulations. 

The logistic facility development process first develops an understanding of each owner’s overall business. We then engineer site solutions tailored to meet these needs. Our evaluations, concept plans, and analyses maximize a site’s utility and revenue potential. Stratus incorporates risk reduction and feasibility calculations into its designs — ensuring that projects move forward when profitable for the client.


Stratus has delivered design and consulting services to port environments, providing solutions for port facilities and marine terminals. We provide construction, rehabilitation, and renovation services for numerous types of industrial facilities, including cruise terminals and port facilities. Our engineers design piping, docks, riparian boundaries, bulkheads, and other marine infrastructure.  

Stratus staff has the broad-ranged talent required to provide effective dock designs and product handling arrangements for vessels from river barges to oceangoing vessels. Our project managers combine the highly technical requirements of soundings, hydrodynamic analysis, civil, geotechnical, structural, mechanical, and environmental disciplines unique to marine environments. 


Rail is a primary component of many core markets, ranging from oil & gas to municipal infrastructure and industrial land development (railroad crossings, collection systems, stormwater infrastructure). Stratus provides railway surveying, design, permitting, and construction management including energy facilities, loading/offloading infrastructure, industrial park track designs, manufacturing and distribution plants, transload and storage facilities, rail spurs, intermodal facilities, and public-sector railroad crossings.  

We have successfully provided a wide variety of rail loading, unloading, switching, and staging spur designs for chemical and petroleum clients. Stratus staff members have extensive knowledge in the rail-specific areas of product containment, stormwater management, access platforms, and fire protection.


Stratus has designed concrete, asphalt, pervious, and other types of roads and parking facilities for public and private clients. We assist clients in securing Federal and State funding and to plan, permit, and implement their transportation projects including railroads, pedestrian bridges, trailways, and traffic plans. These projects have ranged from a 215-foot, single-span pedestrian bridge to rail-to-trail studies, to total infrastructure rehabilitation.  

Most roadway-related projects require the need for innovative solutions, superior design, awareness of schedule and budget, and extensive public relations work. Stratus’ transportation professionals have the expertise and experience to meet the demands of any roadway project. To best support transportation clients, Stratus blends multiple disciplines into a unified, start-to-finish approach tailored to clients’ specific business operations.